Maintenance CVE

Keep track of those CVEs.
* Generic tool to help an organization to keep track of CVEs and the work behind.

Maintenance equipment monitoring

For other Odoo databases to monitor the status of their server.
* The purpose of this module is to monitor other odoo databases to see the status of their server. In order to query other databases the need        "maintenance_monitoring_status" or maintenance_monitoring_status_extension" installed.
* In order to specify which database you want to monitor you fill the  Monitor URL field on the equipment view and there is  a ping button to trigger this query.

* The url needs to look like: http ://hostname/monitoring/status?db=databasename.
* There is also cron job called "Ping Remote Server" that will ping every 60 minutes to all equipment that has "Is Monitored" field set to true.

Maintenance Equipment Operation

Adds operation on equipment. 

Maintenance Equipment Request Copy

'Wizard for copying request on one or more equipments.

Maintenance IT

Add IT fields to the maintenance module.

Maintenance Monitoring Status

To answer with a json object the status of the database.

* Purpose of this module is to answer with a json object the status of the database, on or off. To query the database you need to go to the /monitoring/status url.

* Url Syntax: http ://hostname/monitoring/status?db=databasename
* In order for the database to be able to answer without being logged in on you need to change the odoo.conf and add this module to the server_wide_modules.

Maintenance Server Monitorin

To answer with a json object with the load/diskspace of the server.