Payson Payment Acquirer
Payson Payment Acquirer
Payson Payment Acquirer
by Vertel AB
Technical Name

Payson är en del av Svea Bank

Payson startades 2004 i syfte att hjälpa privatpersoner och företag som vill ta betalt eller skicka pengar på ett enkelt och säkert sätt. Idag är Payson en välkänd tjänst med flera miljoner användare och tusentals anslutna företag. Sedan 2012 är Payson en del av Svea.

Payson betallösning för mindre e-handlare


One checkout - all payment methods  

Payson Checkout is designed to maximize the number of conversions. With our new and fast payment method we have discarded all unnecessary steps in the checkout process to increase your sales. The payment window is nicely embedded into your e-shop, where the customers can pay with just one click!

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Start by going to Website, then choose Configuration and then click Payment Acquirers.

Here you should have a new payment option that is called Payson. Click on it to configure the option.

When you click on edit you can choose which state you want to have the payment option in.

Disabled: the payment option is disabled.

Enabled: The payment option is activated and shows up when you are ordering and paying for services or materials.

Test Mode: The payment option shows up when you are ordering and paying for services or material, but its just an simulation off the payment process. You can not use this payment option to actually buy anything if it is in this state.

Be sure to fill in the right Payment Agent ID and Payson Nyckel.

If payment is Enabled or in Test Mode then you  can now select Payson as a payment option.